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The Grand Tour Season 4 Segments Scrapped Due To Terrorism

The fourth season of The Grand Tour can’t come soon enough, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing in regards to the filming of the anticipated season. An incredible road trip idea has had to be scrapped due to the likelihood of a terror attack.

The trio were going to drive through Saudi Arabia, currently an allied to the West, but still very dangerous due to its questionable human rights. The trip would eventually take them to Cairo, another dangerous area due to the density of the Islamic State in those areas.

Clarkson, Hammond and May are obviously keen on making this upcoming season an exciting one, but an idea like this was always going to be difficult to get off the ground. In a recent column, Clarkson said producers were “stuck with Slough,” blaming “sporadic and vicious terrorist attacks” for the Cairo road trip being cancelled. He also said the following:

“This would be an epic journey, except it would mean crossing the Sinai peninsula and, thanks to ISIS, the chances of us all arriving on the other side with heads were slim.”

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Now, we don’t know about you, but we’d much rather Clarkson and co keep their heads, even if that meant a slightly less exciting episode (which I’m sure won’t be the case anyway!).

Another idea of the trio heading to the Andaman Islands near Thailand was put on the back-burner, too, after they realised the threat of violence would have been far too high. This time, due to a territorial tribe who would “kill anyone who lands.” That’s not a day at the office I’d be so envious of.

Another idea to go to Australia had also been pulled due to it being too boring and too close to scrutiny from the media… that’s the last thing they want.

What do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. $2000 Grand Touring Car challenge:
    Find a GT car for under $2000 that you drive 2000 miles in 48 hours. (Eboladrome to Vienna and back, or Orlando to New York and back.)
    Definition of GT car for this challenge:
    2 seat, or 2+2
    250 or more hp when new, according to Automobile catalog, or some other un-biased reference source.

  2. Las Vegas, Reno, Virginia City? Gambling, Wild West, Lewis & Clark, Custer’s Last Stand? Grand Canyon, Moab, UT, San Juan Mountains of Colorado? And that’s just the Western US locations that I want to see for myself! Just keep the boys rolling – love The Grand Tour!

  3. I’m surprised they haven’t done an American Grand Tour on route 66. Hammond would love making all the wild stops

  4. Try Cyprus it’s got everything mountain passes gravel roads dusty off roading and a high accident rate that would truly suit Hammond.

  5. I think more touring of the USA. In particular, I think Alaska would be a great one to travel across in trucks or SUV’s.

  6. How about a tour of the lovely Blue Ridge Parkway? Top speed limit of 45 mph. That should be an awesome challenge for the guys!

  7. Come back to Canada! The terrain is diverse, the nature is beautiful, and we have some amazing driving routes. ????

  8. I’d love to see them drive from BC up the ski to sky highway thru Whistler to Alaska, on the Alaska highway. The road is gravel for hundreds of miles, to shake the caps off Hammonds teeth, to show off Jeremys jiggly bits .. they could get pretty good accommodations, and as long as they were in Canada, the beer is awesome.

  9. I would love to see a trip from Maine to Florida via route 1 with historical facts and visits along the way. Also route 66 with how it became famous.

  10. Where ever the boys drive it will always be a great and interesting show.
    But as an idea for a grand tour drive how about a tour through Europe and ending the drive at mount vesuvius and Pompeii. So they star the drive in the 21st century and end in the 1st century.

  11. I think everyone is missing the point. We love watching the trio. They don’t need extravegent road trips. Look how funny they are dissing about with caravans in the UK

  12. The only terrorist is in your heads, like these countries has no english or american lives there !!! They are here all the time, what are you scaring of ?

  13. Have the lads traverse the Russian Kolyma Highway, aka Road of Bones. Constructed during the Stalinist era by gulag labor the bones of the thousands who died while constructing it were laid beneath or around the road. Select 3 of the least reliable vehicles ever made and make suitable alterations.

  14. Come to NJ and try to find a way to beat the incredible traffic and horrible roads. All to deliver Taylor Ham (pork roll) to the poor and hungry in the land of the Saints of Newark

  15. What about doing the whole of the Continental Divide Trail,from Mexico to Canada along the Rockies?

  16. Isn’t the entirety of northern Australia without a speed limit?? Give the trophy truck treatment to 3 trucks or cars, and have at it. Stop along the way to dig opals or poke some crocs. What could go wrong….ok, maybe bubble wrap Hammond, just in case.

  17. The Mother Road Rt. 66, so what if parts of it aren’t there anymore? When has lack of a road ever stopped them?

  18. A great special would be if all three were dropped in cambodia
    , with three different cars, $2000, and no GPS. The first to get out of the country wins.

  19. Cuba, where they have through some sort of wizardry been keeping classic cars from the 1940s and 50s running for hundreds of thousands of miles. Give Clarkson, May, and Hammond each an old American classic and see if they can keep em going on a tour around the entire island nation.

  20. Obviously, the Road of Bones in Russia. And not the bypass part, but the original route. And done in compact SUV’s

  21. The lads have never filmed in Hawaii. And also never driven the famed Al-Can Highway. Over 2000 miles connecting the continental USA to Alaska. The could attempt a side-trip to Juneau (Alaska capitol) which does not connect via any roads, make fun of Sarah Palin’s “bridge to nowhere”, make fun of Sarah Palin in general, and possibly extend the trip to the Aleutian Islands. Portions of the trip could include the inter-island ferries from Bremerton heading north.

  22. Come to Moab Utah. Would love to see the guys have to build a rock crawler truck or jeep and navigate the back country. It would be epic!

  23. Or they can just come to my house in Savannah, drink beer, drive a unreliable 05 Nissan Pathfinder 4×4, Mercedes C250 and a big yellow H2. That would make the most boring, least watched episode ever.

  24. I’m sure they could find all sorts of interesting places to roam in Siberia.
    Maybe Craters of the Moon National Reserve in the US?

    Maybe a trek starting in Chicken, Alaska (just because of the name) and ending at Egg Island in Nunavit? Call it the “Chicken and the Egg Run” making references to both the “Chicken Run” movie AND the old chicken/egg question. Sure, it’s 1500 miles as the crow…. errr…. chicken flies, but it could be fun!

    1. I would love to see them come to Philadelphia and do a spoof on the Rocky movies! They could race from somewhere on the east coast to the steps of the Philadelphia art museum, race up the steps and do the whole Rocky dance thing. Oh, include the Phila Italian market some how and South Phila where Rocky hung out. I’d be happy to discuss and give a tour of the area with Mr Wilman 🙂

    2. Guess Islam isnt so peaceful after all idiots!! Maybe fat Jermery should open his fat ear to what trump is right about fucking liberal cucks

    3. Too boring in Oz? England surely couldn’t be any less boring. Last time they were here was exciting enough -laying with our Holden utes. Come to Australia! It’ll be as interesting as they want to make it. …and the chances of being beheaded or machete’d To death are slim.

  25. Love to see them drive from Brownsville TX. to Anchorage Ak. taking the back roads along the tops and sides of the Rocky Mountains through many of the Large U.S. and Canadian National Parks along the way. Like Big Bend, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Yellowstone, Glacier & Denali in the U.S. and Waterton Lakes, Banff & Jasper in Canada. it would make a wonderful ending to the Show. God Bless you guys.

    1. Pittsburgh via GPS. There are steep slopes which are designated as roads but only have narrow stairs. And it’s not a grid. And it has 3 rivers and more bridges than any other city in America.

      And there are a couple of smaller racetracks in the vicinity, and an old abandoned highway Ganassi racing was using as a test strip.

      There’s also the dialect, PIttsburghese. Natives are called Yinzers. The really old time people you cannot understand most of the time. They claim to be east coast, but geographically it’s mid-west, which leads to a lot of friction.

    2. Drive the Baja Peninsula in old school 4Xs.
      Take a range rover, an Toyota landcruiser and a old dodge power wagon.
      Plenty of beautiful scenery. Lots of places to goof off and go wrong…
      End up at pub in Cabo.

    3. I would like to see them drive across Russia, from Moscow to the Pacific. Another trip would be across Canada and a trip through scandanvia.

    4. What about around the world starting and finishing where USA and Russia meet make the whole season about this journey

  26. Australia too boring?
    Try W.A, we have deserts, scrub, old age Forrests, beaches, Islands, enormous tracks of land, fit for any type of vehicle. What we don’t have is rain generally, and people, only a few million in our State as the lack of water limits population. Come here and do your converting a car into a boat thing but one thing we have in abundance is Sharks! Sharks are the antithesis of boring. Oh you might want to pack shorts because it’s too hot for Jeans.

  27. It would take up a full season, but it would be a natural to explore the Pan American Highway. It covers numerous cultures and terrains, and the Darien Gap adds some drama right in the middle. Now that there’s no longer a requirement to break up the show with studio segments, a more long-form format could work.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Drop them off in Prudhoe Bay with their spouses and old Cherokee, Exploder, and Durango telling them they have 3 months to get to Ushuaia.

      1. What have their spouses done to deserve such abuse? Don’t you think they value the quiet of having the three of them out of their hair for a few months? And you want to stick them with them, on the road, in unpleasant circumstances, and ruin a perfectly good motoring show?

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