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The Grand Tour Series 2: Sneak Peak On Social Media

Good news! Tweets have started to pop up in the last few days offering clues to what Jeremy, James and Richard are up to. It looks like the holidays are over and they have indeed already started filming again. This is similar to how the gang announced little tidbits of information during the filming of the first series, a seemingly casual discussion on Twitter. So where are they?

Jeremy had mentioned that at the end of February they would be in Africa, and true to his word, it appears that is where they are. Apparently inspired by the Bob Dylan song of the same name, they are in Mozambique, a country in the south of Africa along the Indian Ocean. Between the beaches, the lush National Parks and safaris the boys are sure to find plenty to keep them busy. From the looks of it though, they are embarking on one of their challenges.

With its often unforgiving climate and landscapes, Africa has long been the home of Top Gear challenges, from finding the source of the River Nile in estates to crossing the Makgadikgadi and Kalahari in non-four-wheel drive cars. It looks like The Grand Tour will be keeping that tradition up, after filming their Christmas Special in beach buggies in Africa’s east coast nation of Namibia.

What we don’t know is what kind of challenge they are doing and what kind of vehicle Jeremy arrived to the aforementioned overnight halt in. Looking closely at the picture he posted, the crew with him don’t look too worse for wear. They don’t seem especially dirty or bedraggled, and that could be for a couple of reasons.

If they are doing a classic cheap car challenge, it’s possible that Jeremy made a wise choice of vehicle and they didn’t have to get out and try to fix it or dig it out of the terrain. It could also be that it was a race and Jeremy won by characteristically leaving his colleagues behind. As he likes to say, we are not the U.S. Marines and we do leave a man behind.

So, where are Hammond and May? Going with the cheap car challenge angle, one or both of them might have broken down. They have been known to stop and help one another out from time to time. If it was a race, it could have been like one of the old Top Gear favorites where they were up against Jeremy on public transit. Admittedly though, Mozambique seems like an odd choice for that sort of competition.

Wherever Richard and James were, it does look like the adventure started out well enough, judging from the photo May posted of Jeremy. You get the impression that they are sitting out by the pool at their hotel with a nice glass of wine. Either way, we can’t wait to learn more!

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