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The Grand Tour Track Debuts with a BMW M2 and Digital Lap Board

The premiere of The Grand Tour’s first episode has revealed a lot of show elements that who how much the boys don’t give a hoot about the BBC. The obvious first question that is answered is whether or not The Grand Tour will be able to test cars for their car show on a track.

Well, the answer to that is an easy ABSOLUTELY! It looks just like the one we wrote about a few weeks ago, located in Swindon.

Jeremy Clarkson gives us a tour of the track where they obviously don’t have names yet, but Clarkson definitely gives it a try, so we took the liberty in giving you guys a map.

Credit: The Grand Tour
Credit: The Grand Tour

What is a track without cars? Jeremy Clarkson solves that problem with the first review of the show, the BMW M2 and in typical Clarkson fashion, it’s definitely something you’ll have to watch yourself to get the full effect of his words.

Now, here comes the fun part. The show has brought in American NASCAR driver, Mike Skinner, to be the team racing driver that would give this track a go in the M2 along with a handful of other cars to complete the new digital lapboard.

Credit: The Grand Tour


h/t: The Grand Tour

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