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The Grand Tour: Update Finally Released On Next Episode

The Grand Tour has had a rocky start to 2020 to be honest. To start, there was the first episode of season four, ‘Seaman‘. Not only did Clarkson, Hammond and May all look like they were hating every minute of it, Richard Hammond also contracted an infection in his foot called cellulitis and it could have became sepsis which can be life threatening.

Richard Hammond said of the ordeal:

“It bloody hurts. It’s one of those on the list of conditions I’ve had. I got it from climbing into the water and then I realised my legs were hurting. My feet were very red and it went through my legs. You could literally see it tracking up my leg. I’m at a disadvantage because it’s a much shorter journey to my vital organs.”

You can guess what happens next.. yes, Coronavirus happens next. It caused filming in Northern Russia to be postponed and their Madagascar special, which was already filmed, had to be halted due to editing suites being unavailable during lockdown and executive producer Andy Wilman contracting COVID-19 himself.

But now, finally, we have some good Grand Tour news for you and yes, it’s coming back and it’s coming back this year.

The news came out via The Grand Tour’s official Twitter account early this morning and confirms the special will will come later this year and yes it’ll be in Madagascar:

Firstly, we already knew the next episode was going to be in Madagascar, and we already knew the cars that will feature include (SPOILER ALERT), a Ford Focus with caterpillar tracks, a Bentley Continental GT with massive off road wheels, snorkel and roll cage and finally a Caterham with huge rear wheels.

We also know that the Russia episode is all set up and ready to go but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast and crews couldn’t travel and film. The cars are out there and everything is ready to go, but the episode requires snow underfoot during filming and has had to be postponed until early next year to ensure that.

Andy Wilman said of the issues with the Russia episode:

“Part of the process of setting up these films, you have to spend quite a lot of money before you go. You’re paying fixers, you’re setting up stuff, you’re getting the locations sorted out, you’re shipping cars, all that kind of thing.”

We also know the gang recently met up to discuss future episodes of The Grand Tour, so there is plenty more to look forward to.

But enough about Russia and the future, we’re focussing on Madagascar here. We finally have news that the show is on its way and will come this year.

Hopefully we’ll get to see it sooner rather than later, but until an official release date is confirmed, we’ll just be waiting here patiently.

Until then, keep it Grand Tour Nation.

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