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Texas Sheriffs Filmed Racing Patrol Vehicles at Drag Strip

Some times people try to be relatable, but fail so hard it’s nearly unbelievable. While most people will surely face-palm in response to this story, I’m personally still trying to process what was going through the heads of the Sheriff’s deputies involved.

At a sensitive time between cop and civilian relationships, a pair of Dallas County, Texas deputies had a not-so-good idea. The two decided to bring their patrol vehicles to the Yello Belly drag strip in Grand Prairie, and have a little race.

Now, it could have been peer pressure. I wouldn’t necessarily put it past them that this was planned from the start, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Either way, the Sheriff’s department said it was in no way authorized, shocker.

The two drove Dodge Charger Pursuits, likely with a pair of 3.6L Pentastar V6s engines, making 292 horsepower each. Not the craziest makes or models for a drag race, except for their livery.

The scene feels like it would belong in Super Troopers. With all of the bystanders egging them on, no doubt shotgunning beers and all making social media videos. There was no way this wasn’t fated to spread on the internet like wildfire.

What do you guys think, understandable attempt at community outreach or totally tone-deaf fail?

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