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The Grand Tour Week In Review – Reddit Edition

One of the best places to find all sorts of stuff related to The Grand Tour, especially when we’re in the middle of a dry spell as far as new episodes are concerned, is Reddit. The Grand Tour’s subreddit is a great place for fans to get together, discuss new episodes and news, and post all sort of funny stuff related to the boys In fact, even your favorite Grand Tour fansite has their own subreddit (that’s us)!

With that being said, let’s look back through the week and see what posts from The Grand Tour subreddit was worth a second look!

I Cannot Unsee What Has Been Seen


This image really doesn’t have to do with anything other than the fact that it was on The Grand Tour subreddit, and since I had to see it, you have to now see it too. It’s a touching image, really.

Theresa May Is Really Just James May With Lipstick


Ok, not really, but I find it incredibly amusing that this newspaper photoshopped over Jeremy, James and Richard in what appears to be a semi-serious article. I can’t tell what publication this is from, but it most certainly produced a chuckle.

When You Have To Give An Interview But The Orangutan Kept You Awake All Night


Did you guys know I have a superpower? My power is the ability to pause a show or movie at the perfect time to produce a face like Hammond’s above. It never fails; usually I’m not even trying! I know, right?

James May Launches New “Mayflower” Floral Shirt Range


Ok, I know this was a joke, but I’ll be honest with you; I would buy the crap out of these shirts if they were a real thing. I really think it’s not a terrible idea. Surely James can’t be the only one with his fashion sense, can he?

Jeremy Checking Twitter


Hehe, I get it. Because Jeremy’s an orangutan, right? All things considered, it was pretty cool of that orangutan to come up to the glass like that. Apes really are amazing animals, you know, until they take over the Earth and blow up the Statue of Liberty.

They Need to Find a Way to Incorporate This Into An Episode. it Has Clarkson Written All Over It!


This brings back so many happy memories of the Top Gear episode when they built motorhomes. That’s one of my all time favorites, and while this image does look like something an ape would built, it’s not big enough for Jeremy, I guarantee it.

Hammond On Broadway


Ok, it’s legitimately freaky how much Al Pacino looks like Richard Hammond in this picture. What’s weird is that it really doesn’t, but then it does. It’s sorcery! I’ll check back in another 2 decades and see if Hamster is starting to resemble Mr. Corleone more.

The New Dacia Sundero Is Here!


Great news!

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