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The Grand Tour Week: Richard Hurts Himself, Top Gear America, And Porsche’s Good Deed

We have rounded the corner on another week in the off-season of The Grand Tour, and while some of us are passing the time watching the new season of Top Gear, there are many who don’t care to watch Joey and Friends and are instead waiting patiently for any and all news concerning Jeremy, James, and Richard. Who knows, maybe some Season 2 news will drop out of nowhere (not likely anytime soon)!

As we twiddle our thumbs for new information, let’s instead take a look back at what happened this week. For those who don’t want to scroll through a bunch of pages, we will compile all the important news of the week right here in an easy to read post. Feel free to click on each title to get the full story. Enjoy!

Richard Hammond Suffers Serious Crash While Filming The Grand Tour

Richard and accidents; they go together like peas and carrots, don’t they? In all seriousness, Richard was involved in an accident while filming for The Grand Tour, and luckily the injury was not as serious as it was first reported. Looks like our Hamster is already back on his feet!

The Grand Tour: Richard Porter Nominates Worst F1-Teams

Richard Porter, the editor for The Grand Tour, makes his picks for the worst Formula One teams this year. I would hate to see my team on any sort of “worst of” list.

Lisa Hogan Speaks Out On Jeremy Clarkson Relationship

We’ve heard all about Jeremy’s new relationship from news sites all over, but now let’s hear it from the woman who captured Jeremy’s heart herself, Lisa Hogan!

Jeremy Clarkson and James May Have Fun With Hamster Accident

Do you know what the first thing is that I do after a friend of mine has an accident? I check to see if he/she is ok. When it turns out that they are ok, I tease them mercilessly about the accident. Come on, it’s a mark of true friendship!

Richard Hammond Makes First Appearance Since Motorcycle Accident

Richard makes an appearance at Advertising Week Europe 2017 (which sounds like a SUPER awesome thing to be at) and speaks about his accident. No details were given as I’m sure the boys want to keep the spill a surprise for the next season.

DriveTribe Weekly: Hammond’s Head, Memes, The Stig, and More!

Catch with the best stories of the week on DriveTribe! We catch you up on all the comings and goings of Jeremy, James, and Richard in addition to featuring various Tribes across the site.

Top Gear Returns To the US With Top Gear America

Let’s bring back Top Gear America! Oh, you mean that one with Tanner, Adam, and Rutledge? No no, let’s make a new one with Alex Mahone from Prison Break. Uh…ok.

Porsche Rewards Employees In An Amazingly Porsche Way

Good guy Porsche, treating their employees with real respect. Having one of their best years yet, Porsche has given every single one of their employees a bonus of 9,111 Euros. Not too shabby at all, I must say.

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