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The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson Blames Richard Hammond For Suez Canal Blockage In Hilarious Column

If you haven’t heard about the issue with the Suez Canal, I think you’ll find you’ve been living under a rock. But just in case, here’s a quick lowdown. A large 200-tonne container ship named the Ever Green got stuck sideways on the canal, completely blocking it. And this is pretty big because that one waterway is the route of millions of dollars of trade each month.

Now, in a recent column, Jeremy Clarkson has weighed in on the drama, admitting that it was actually Richard Hammond who’s behind the issue. He begins by revealing that The Grand Tour has begun filming again:

“You may be interested to hear that, at long last, the Grand Tour team is back out in the world making shows,” he wrote for The Sun.

“We were in Egypt last week, trying to get from Port Said, on the Mediterranean, to the small village of Abu Sultan, on the Red Sea.”

He continues, explaining which of the three presenters chose which vehicle for the task:

“I chose a dune buggy and went through the desert, James May used a steam train and went through Saudi Arabia,” he said.

“And the accident-prone Richard Hammond took command of a container ship called Ever Given and attempted to make the journey using the Suez Canal.”

Obviously, the ex-Top Gear presenter is joking, with him knowing full well that such a headline would rake in potential viewers for the upcoming episode of The Grand Tour which is slated to be released later this year, especially with Richard Hammond’s track history – excuse the pun – with the presenter being involved in several accidents over the years.

He talked about how accident prone he is with Express:

“I have been lucky with a few of them. Various bits of me are held together with metal and I creak a bit now.

“But I’ve always run and tried to keep reasonably fit so that helps.

“Plus, I’m quite small, I’m not a very tall man you probably don’t know that it’s a well-kept secret…

“But I’m only five-seven so I’m only a little fella which means there’s less off for me to break, and that’s my advantage. It’s an evolutionary thing.”

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