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Verstappen’s Critique on Austin GP Track: A Rally-Like Surface Unfit for F1

Max Verstappen recently criticized the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin for its bumpy surface, stating it’s more suited for rally cars than Formula 1. His comments highlight a growing concern among drivers about the track conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verstappen’s Firm Stance: Championship winner Max Verstappen expressed his dissatisfaction with the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA), describing the surface as not up to F1 standards and more appropriate for rally driving. He emphasized the need for a smoother track, despite some areas being repaved in 2022.
  • Widespread Concerns and Effects: Complaints about COTA’s uneven surface have been echoed in the MotoGP world, with riders also calling for resurfacing. The poor conditions led to problems for several drivers, including Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso, who had to retire mid-race due to damage caused by the track.
  • Consequences and Call for Change: The bumpy track surface is suspected to have caused excessive wear on the skid blocks of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc’s cars, leading to their disqualification. Verstappen, a passionate fan of the track’s layout, urged for significant improvements to ensure its suitability for future F1 races.

The recent remarks by Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen about the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin have sparked a heated debate in the racing community. Verstappen, known for his straightforward opinions, did not hold back in expressing his dissatisfaction with the current state of the track. “It needs to be redone because at the moment it feels like it’s better suited to a rally car. I’m jumping and bouncing around,” said Verstappen, emphasizing the severity of the situation.

This criticism is not isolated to Formula 1. Riders in the MotoGP world have also been vocal about the uneven surface at COTA, highlighting a broader concern across motorsports disciplines. The track underwent partial resurfacing in 2022, focusing on Turns 12 and 14-16, but according to Verstappen, who celebrated his 50th Grand Prix win in Austin, these efforts have fallen short. “I love this track. Honestly, the layout is amazing but we definitely need new tarmac and it needs to be a lot smoother for the coming years,” Verstappen added, acknowledging his fondness for the track despite its flaws.

The implications of the bumpy surface extend beyond mere discomfort. Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso was forced to retire from a race due to significant damage to his car caused by the track’s harsh conditions. Team principal Mike Krack described the track as “brutal,” citing the extensive damage to Alonso’s car as evidence of the circuit’s challenging nature.

Furthermore, the track’s condition was also suspected to be a factor in the disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc after excessive wear was found on their car’s skid blocks. This incident underscores the potential impact of the track’s condition on the competition’s outcome.

In conclusion, Verstappen’s call for change at the Circuit Of The Americas is more than a mere complaint; it is a necessary demand for ensuring the safety and integrity of one of the world’s premier motorsports. His love for the track’s layout is clear, but his insistence on a smoother surface is a testament to his commitment to the sport’s standards and the well-being of its drivers. As the F1 community looks forward, it remains to be seen how COTA will respond to these pressing concerns.

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