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Clarkson, Hammond And May On Amazon Vs. The BBC | Daily Update

In today’s update, three men sit on chairs, eastern Europe builds a fast car, and a Ford Focus breaks down!

GQ Interviews Clarkson, Hammond And May

What does The Grand Tour’s budget look like? What are the presenters driving these days? What’s it like being a “cultural icon?” (Hint: boring.) Click the link above to check out the full interview from before the GQ Awards.

Did The 911 GT2 RS Break The Nurburgring Record?

Lots of people are very excited for the GT2 RS, the new hardcore 911, and they now have even more reason to freak out; rumor has it that the GT2 ran the Nurburgring in an unbelievable 6:48.75, which would be a colossal win for Porsche. Of course, they’re being tight-lipped about the subject, but the official time will likely come out soon.

There’s Going To Be A Brand-New Rimac

Rimac is well-known for crafting some of the quickest, most obscure electric cars on the planet, but they haven’t updated their model lineup in quite a few years. That’s about to change, as the company is teasing the Concept Two, a larger, faster, more comfortable electric GT in the vein of the Concept One. According to Rimac, the car will compete with the likes of Bugatti and Pagani, meaning it will probably be more of a refined, ludicrously expensive road racer than an unrefined but still ludicrously expensive track weapon. We’ll know more come 2018.

Focus RS Owners Report Widespread Head Gasket Failure

Ford Focus RS owners are taking to forums to report mass head gasket suicide, proving that Subaru was way ahead of the game when it comes to spicy turbo engines. A German forum has identified over 40 cases of head gasket failure thus far. Yikes.

Van + Turbine = ?

Behold: the most ridiculous family hauler of all time. Since it’s a Dodge, that massive turbine engine is probably better built than the rest of the van. Enjoy.

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