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Top Ten Richard Hammond Moments From Season 1

Hammond. Hamster. He’s our favorite star of short stature on Grand Tour, and we’ve got the top ten moments from season 1 lined up for you right here. We’ll count down to number one.

10. The time when Hammond blew up Jeremy’s house – Episode 3
During the Holy Trinity race in Episode 1, Jeremy bet Richard and James that his car, the McLaren P1 would win over their cars, saying that if he was wrong, they could blow up his house. And in Episode 3 that’s exactly what they did.

9. The time when Hammond thought he knew everything about camping – Episode 8
During the second part of the Namibia special, Jeremy and James insisted that instead of sleeping on the sand again, camping, proper camping, would be better. Hammond was convinced he knew what he was doing, buying basic camping gear and setting up a meager site in the bush. James and Jeremy, however, did things right, loading up two trucks with luxurious accommodations, including a butler.

8. The time when Hammond was suddenly caught in the middle of a cow orgy – Episode 5
When the boys built a rig to weigh cars in Morroco, they used animals as counterweights. Trying to get two cows onto the counterbalance, one suddenly tried to mount the other, and poor Hammond was caught in the middle.

7. The time when Hammond lost a drift contest to a child and a double arm amputee – Episode 13
After learning how to drift from a professional instructor, Hammond was convinced he could hang with the best of them, and a drifting contest was set up. When he saw his competition was a man with no arms and a child, he thought he had it in the bag. Things turned out very differently.

6. The time when Hammond hit Jeremy on the head with a shovel to kill him during SAS maneuvers – Episode 2
While James and Richard had escaped to the ground floor of a building through a window, Jeremy got stuck and was being violated by the terrorists still inside. He begged Hammond to kill him, and he did just that, forcing them to start the course over.

5. The time when Hammond built a piece de resistance bug out vehicle and was blown up by an aircraft carrier – Episode 9
On his third attempt to build a bug-out vehicle, Hammond was proud of the technological masterpiece that had been achieved. The other two having been blown up by Jeremy and James by a grenade launcher and a tank, Hammond was convinced that this one would survive an onslaught. Unfortunately for him, a missile from an air craft carrier made quick work of the vehicle.

4. The time when Hammond made his drifting instructor puke – Episode 13
After admitting that he in fact did not know how to drift, Hammond hired an instructor that wasn’t quite prepared for his lack of skill. Countless donuts later, the instructor simply got out of the car and lost his lunch.

3. The time Hammond spoiled a high culture grand tour through Italy by bringing a loud, obnoxious Dodge Challenger Hellcat – Episode3
While Jeremy and James employed classy, elegant vehicles to take a quiet, refined trip through Italy, they were dismayed to be joined by their colleague in a raucous and annoying vehicle. Hammond not only livened things up, but changed the soundtrack to the entire trip.

2. The time Hammond had a knife fight with a terrorist and lost – Episode 2
Somehow ending up on the wing of an airplane during SAS maneuvers, Hammond stalled a terrorist while the other two swept the interior for the VIP they were rescuing. While he looked confident, he wasn’t skillful, losing the fight and sending the trio back to the starting line again.

1. The time Hammond got shot with a tranquilizer dart and woke up in his suspended buggy – Episode 8
Number one is simply due to the look on Hammond’s face when he woke up in mid air in the passenger seat of his dune buggy. The previous night, he’d been tranqued by Jeremy while out trying to help save the rhinoceros from poachers. But consciousness was a cruel mistress, and a terrified Hammond awoke with a scream that could wake the dead. Unfortunate for him, high entertainment for us.

It’s going to be several months before we are greeted with season 2 of Grand Tour, but in the meantime we have these 10 of Hammond’s best moments and 13 episodes to get us through.

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