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Ford GT Competition Series Announced

At some point when designing a super duper hyper car, you’ll want it to go faster. After all, isn’t that what the entire concept of super/hyper cars are? To push the limits, see what’s possible with what you have on hand. Once you squeeze as much as you can out of the engine, the next logical step is to start shedding weight (or maybe that’s the first step!), which is exactly what Ford has done here.

Meet the Ford GT Competition Series.

The standard Ford GT is already no slouch, with a twin turbo 3.5L V6 that will churn out 647 HP, a feat that should even impress The American (probably not). The new Competition Series trim will have all that, plus a dry weight of 3054 lbs. Here’s the thing though; we don’t currently have an official weight for the standard Ford GT, but because the Competition Series is being billed as a lighter variant, we can assume the standard model is heavier than 3054 lbs.

The goal of the Competition Series is to make the Ford GT even more track focused. Weight is not only shed, but redistributed as well with a lower center of gravity. With the engine undergoing no changes from the standard GT, everything about the Competition Series is about aero and stability.

Changes include a Perspex acrylic engine hatch cover with a manual latch and a carbon fiber prop, thinner glass in the bulkhead behind the driver, and the elimination of air conditioning, radio and speakers, storage bins, and cupholders. Also standard to the Comp Series are carbon fiber wheels, titanium lug nuts, and a titanium exhaust system. Basically, this car is not ever going to be your daily driver, and is meant to be a track day slayer.

Visually, the Comp Series has more exposed carbon fiber bits and a carbon fiber stripe running across the top of the car. exposed carbon fiber is also used on the interior for the console, air vents, and doorsills. The color red is also featured on the inside, with red anodized paddle shifters, red instrument panel, red pedal adjustment, and a red emergency door release strap. Ford seems to really be going with an aggressive carbon black on red look.

All that’s left is the price difference when compared to the standard GT, and that’s something Ford is being tight lipped about. “More” would be a pretty safe bet.

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