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Unusual Car Modifications That’ll Set Your Car Apart From The Rest

Some cars just aren’t like the rest we see on the road. Some cars have something that really sets them apart, and makes them catch the eye – but that doesn’t mean these cars actually look good! Because sometimes, a modification can go too far, and someone who meant well can end up with a car that looks pretty ugly on the road, and might not actually be safe to be on it either… 

Either way, there are some unusual car modifications out there. Some can be good and some can definitely be bad. And because of this, we’ve listed some of the most unusual below. See what you make of them. 

Giant Spoilers

A car spoiler, often known as a ‘rear spoiler’, is a common accessory used to help a vehicle improve its aerodynamic standing. It’s named so thanks to the way it disrupts how air flows around the car, spoiling the natural flow and helping to keep any lift off of the body that could ultimately slow it down. 

However, a spoiler that’s either too big or too small isn’t going to do much for your vehicle in terms of performance, other than completely ruin it. Indeed, spoiler sizes can get ridiculous, and taken to opposite ends of the extreme spectrum. 

From the Bosozoku subculture in Japan, to many Western car owners taking Formula One way too seriously, most spoilers do in fact get oversized in a way that neither looks good or will help your car on the road. Seriously, check out some of these modifications and see for yourself! 

Crazy Car Wraps

Wrapping the car is a very popular thing to do in the modern age, thanks to many car models being painted in subtle, block colours that a lot of younger owners don’t quite like. However, not only can some car wraps look bad, thanks to the design printed on them, but they can also be applied very badly, as you can see right here

But what makes a bad car wrap? Who makes the decision to wrap their car in such a way that makes it stand out on the road for all the wrong reasons? Well, maybe a little overexuberance when it comes to being able to customise their vehicle, and maybe just a little bit of bad taste in the name of marketing and branding. For example, a lot of businesses like to wrap company cars with their brand logos, name, and colouring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to get good marketing off of them… 

Comfortable Car Seats

Now, this modification is a little on the unusual side, thanks to just how comfortable modern car seats can be, including being able to wrap them in car seat covers that’ll make what you’re sitting on a lot softer. However, this is probably the best kind of unusual modification on this list, because it also somewhat makes sense, and it can be a great way for a less abled driver (or maybe someone who’s driving an older, vintage car) to make their vehicle suit them better. 

But how does a modification like this work? Of course, you’re never going to quite get something like a good set of into the back seat of your car, unless you really want to never be able to drive your vehicle again, but the point still stands. By doing things like removing the ‘bolstering’ part of the shoulder pads on your car seat, or changing the headrest to more accurately reflect the way you hold your head, are two very popular yet subtle ways to improve how you sit at the wheel of your car. 

Vanity Plates

Of course, we also have to talk about the vanity plate here. Some people just go the extra mile to stand out on the road, and it’s often said that anyone who has a custom number plate isn’t all too great a person. From plates that are ‘accidentally inappropriate’, to someone getting their name etched into the front and back of their vehicles, it can be easy to spot when you’re dealing with a boy racer or a clear case of too high an opinion of themselves. On the other hand, some vanity plates can actually be quite nice, as long as they’re not too on the nose, but as far as car modifications go, this is still a questionable one. 

What unusual car modifications have you seen before? 

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