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Truck Driver Removes Roof Perfectly With Low Bridge

In Durham, North Carolina, there’s a bridge that stands at 11’8”. This bridge, named after its height, has collected quite a group of fans thanks to its luck with trucks hitting it.

Since it was built, it’s actually been raised by 8 inches in October of 2019, but despite this, truck drivers still seem to have issues with it. The latest accident came only earlier this week when a truck driver severely understimated the height of their trailer, scraping the top off of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the driver didn’t stop quite fast enough despite hitting the brakes. And weirdly, the driver carries on on their journey like nothing ever happened. Do we think they didn’t even realise? That would be a real shock when they got to their destination only to find the roof of their truck had been carefully peeled off.

I bet they couldn’t do that again if they tried!

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