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2021 Corvette C8 Gets Incredible Split-Window Design

When GM was originally planning to build the Chevrolet Corvette C8, the iconic split-window design from the 1963 Stingray was a huge design possibility. As we now know, this idea didn’t come to fruition. But there are talented people out there, and Rain Prisk, a designer we’ve featured many times on this site, has produced a split-window C8 for us to lust over.

Now, the hatch that sits over the mid-mounted engine has been completely removed, with the line of the roof now sloping down to meet the rear of the car. On what almost looks like a fastback, the line that runs down the middle of the rear window ends above the V of the Corvette name, and the original hips of the car now looking far more included in the design compared to the original thanks to the angles contrasting with the curvaceous centre piece of the added bodywork.

GM’s excuse for not including the split window design was that “it came across as forced”, but this design sits nicely ontop of the existing shape of the C8. The thing is, however, is that while this design is timeless, customers of the car at the time complained of poor rear visibility, forcing Chevrolet to move onto a new design. This created a very sought after car years later, and if Chevy were to bring it back, would fans realise that they could be looking at the car through rose tinted glasses?

Doubtful, it’s bloody gorgeous. Is this one just as good?

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