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Watch Richard Hammond Takes His Wife Mindy Off-Roading In The Ford Ranger Raptor

To continue his midlife crisis videos, and since his daughters didn’t pay any attention to his off-roading antics, Richard Hammond has now turned to his wife for attention.

So, with an evening of sophistication planned, they climb into the Ford Ranger Raptor, sponsored by Ford of course, and Hammond begins the review while his wife Mindy applies her makeup. Asking if he’s going to be talking like this the whole evening, he replies with a certain level of sophistication before taking decision to ignore the satnav and try a shortcut.

Obviously, this is the same ‘shortcut’ he’s taken in the past two videos in this series, and after some heavy music and aggressive camera angles, they arrive at the party with Mindy looking slightly worse for wear. Maybe they should have used the new Defender instead?

In this not quite so subtle ad for Ford, it’s difficult to get over just how biased it is. And yes while many of you won’t be bothered by this, it makes me wonder whether we’re going to see more biased reviews or features on cars during the next season of The Grand Tour. Non-biased reviews have always been a favourite from the times of Top Gear, so this seems like a slight sellout.

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Although, we can’t forget that DriveTribe is a business, and therefore requires income. Let us know what you think in the comments about this one. But until then, we can’t help but love Richard and Mindy Hammond. They could possibly be the best star couple… in the world.

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  1. I have to say I love you Richard Hannon, and your wife is adorable, I cant wait to see the next GT ,you 3 guys Rock together, I love that show almost as much as Top Gear, I have to say I really loved all the years you guys did Yop Gear.And I miss The Stig, lol Keep up the great work, Thanks again Hugs, your the best!!😁❤

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