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When Can You Watch The Next Grand Tour Episode: Carnage A Trois

The next episode of The Grand Tour starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May is mere days from being released on Amazon Prime Video. In the second part of the lockdown specials, the boys will be exploring the world of French cars and if you’ve been keeping up with our updates, you will have seen that they’ve been in plenty of destruction. Of course, the episode has to live up to the name: Carnage A Trois.

When Is The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois Be Released?

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois is the result of pandemic restrictions. Not only have Jeremy, Richard, and James been restricted to staying within the UK, but they’ve also been restricted on how quickly the episode can be released.

Fortunately for fans, this second episode has come very soon after the first lockdown special, Lochdown, which was released in late July. Carnage A Trois has a release date of Friday, December 17th, but if this follows a similar pattern to every other Grand Tour episode, it will be released late the evening before, GMT time.

What will happen in Carnage A Trois?

If we’re to believe the reports earlier in the year during the filming of the episode, Carnage A Trois will be set in the UK with the team beginning filming in Wales and eventually making their way to the West Midlands.

While the previous episode saw the guys driving American cars through Scotland, this time they’re driving a host of different French cars across the gorgeous roads further South of the UK.

Fans spotted Hammond crashing his car multiple times, and the ex-top Gear presenter also revealed in an interview that he crashed his car badly enough for it to turn onto its side. He said the following:

“I did some French parking, which resulted in, ahem, some damage to it,” he revealed.

“It was weird filming that, because there were people in a restaurant watching and I went to park in a French fashion, and they didn’t know what we were doing.

“They obviously thought, ‘There’s that little fella off the telly, he’s clearly gone mad’ because I was destroying cars up and down the road.

“I ended up on my side at one point, inevitably, but we did that all in a very sort of French way.”

The presenters were also seen with their cars. Jeremy was seen driving the CX from before and he was joined by Richard Hammond driving a Talbot-Matra Murena and James May driving a Renault Avantime MPV.

Jeremy was also seen driving a Citroen SM that belonged to Mike Brewer at the time, plus plenty of other cars were also shown in the trailer.

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois will premiere on December 17 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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