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Will The Grand Tour Be Set In Just One Location?

According to the Oxford Times, plans have been put in place for a mobile film studio to be set-up in Great Tew, near Chipping Norton. It has been confirmed that it was put in place by Chump Productions, the production company owned by the trio and Andy Wilman, and the company behind The Grand Tour.

The plans have shown that the site is being held for 13 weeks. And this begs the question – why so long?

During the first season of The Grand Tour, the tent stayed in each location for a much shorter period of time than 13 weeks, which makes us wonder if they are going to be staying in just one location for the entirety of filming the studio segments.

This seems plausible after Jeremy’s health scare shocked us all with its severity and if we look further into the plans, it becomes much more believable.

The plans show that there will be filming once a week over two five-week periods. That makes up for ten episodes of the estimated twelve, and also leaves another two for a double-episode special. So unfortunately for some people, it looks like it fits.

How do you feel about The Grand Tour… not touring? Will you be disappointed if they don’t come to your country? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to Sharon Dunsford for bringing this to our attention!

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