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Lamborghini Might Finally Build A Miura

The Lamborghini Miura is considered by many to be the first true supercar in the modern sense. Two doors, flowing lines, a massive price tag, and twelve cylinders screaming away behind the driver; sadly, it only lasted six years, from 1966 to 1973. Lamborghini has largely kept its spirit alive for the past fifty years, producing big V12 battleships with updates every few years, but now, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali has hinted that we just might see a proper Miura revival. After the SUV, of course.

At the moment, Lamborghini is concentrating on building the Urus, a four-door SUV rumored to crank out 650hp from a 4.0L, twin-turbo V8 which Lamborghini insists is definitely, positively, in no way related to the 4.0L, twin-turbo V8 from the Bentley Continental and Flying Spur. It’s meant to compete with other super-SUVs like the Maserati Levante, Range Rover Supercharged, and, of course, the “Ferrari Utility Vehicle.” You know, the one where Ferrari’s CEO said he’d have to be killed first.

But Domenicali said that he would indeed be open to a new Miura, just not within the next five years. After that, Lamborghini doesn’t have any concrete plans; they’re also kicking around the idea of a proper 4-door GT to compete with the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. If they do build a new Miura, they would most likely stick to the old one’s roots: a mid-mounted V12, no turbos, and ideally, rear-wheel drive. I would honestly be perfectly happy if they took the 2WD Huracan, crammed a V12 in the back, and changed the styling, but hey, that’s just me.

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