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Will Mellor Recalls How Jeremy Clarkson Was Incredibly Rude To Him – “He Was A T***”

Actor Will Mellor, star of “Hollyoaks” says he once proclaimed his passion to former ‘Top Gear’ host Jeremy. But the host only asked Mellow t if he was a “footballer” and “turned around.”

WIll Mellor

The actor of “Two Pints of Lager And A Box Of Crisps” is a huge fan of the auto show, so much so that he coughed up £60,000 on a Range Rover Sport after the vehicle was seen on the program. Mellor emphasizes Clarkson was not interested when they met.

Revealing to Ralf Little on their podcast “Two Pints with Will and Ralf,” Mellor divulged:

“I met Clarkson once. He was a t*** to me. He didn’t like me at all. He is pompous and he does say things that offend people.”

“I said, ‘Hiya, I just wanted to say I love ‘Top Gear’ and I saw the Range Rover on it and because of that show I got the car,” Mellor added.

But Clarkson was rude to Mellor and responded “He went, ‘What are you, a footballer?” Mellor continued the incident “And he turned around.”

Ralf chimed in: “Oh my God. He’s totally custard-pied you.”

Will, 44, confessed he “was in shock” after the embarrassment and expected Clarkson should have handled the situation better.

He said:

“I just walked away. Really, I just should have caved every f****** rib he had in him. I was in shock. I still looked up to him. I’m not rude to anyone like that.”

Mellor recently shared that former Two Pints’ co-star Sheridan Smith had avoided his calls for four years now, and she even avoided an invitation to his 40th birthday bash.

He disclosed:

“I haven’t spoken to Sheridan for four years – I have tried to message and call her but nothing. I had a 40th birthday party that she was invited to but we haven’t spoken. There has not been a row, no fall-out … I honestly couldn’t tell you why.

She is doing very well, her career is smashing it and she has a kid now, she has other responsibilities. We were very, very close at one point and you just drift apart – but I wish her well.”

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