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The Grand Tour’s Abbie Eaton And Jorge Calado Return With Second Episode Of New Car Show

Despite the ever-looming shadow of the pandemic, The Grand Tour racing driver Abbie Eaton is yet again joined by the seasoned professional Jorge Calado in their new show, Track Mode, on Carfection.

In the pilot episode, the pair headed to Donington Park to not only give us a scarily quick drive around the coveted track, but also to enlighten us on its colourful history and legend. Today, they take us to track known as the Mini Nurburgring, Cadwell Park.

Nestled within the Linconshire hills, Cadwell is primed for great racing with tight bends, elevation changes, and amazing views, perfect for a lightweight supercar of British descent. And that’s exactly what Abbie and Jorge have at their disposal in today’s episode, as they sit behind the wheel of a 2017 Lotus Exige 430 Cup.

Thanks to its low weight, it’s able to consume the winding stretches of the picturesque race track and thanks to some expert pedalling from our two drivers, even the likes of some of Porsche’s best were taken to school. But don’t let these drivers’ confidence fool you. Overconfidence will take you on a one-way trip into the lounge of a neighbouring house, and no one wants their crumpets basted with engine oil.


The driving of the episode ends with a power lap from Jorge with Abbie shouting directions over the screaming supercharged V6 sat directly behind them. You know a track’s good when one of the directions include “get some air”. The knowledge of Jorge and Abbie shines here, as they push the Lotus to the limits of its journalist-knackered gearbox for our entertainment before telling us exactly why the track is known as the Mini Nurburgring.

With the Carfection team ready to take on more international tracks as soon as the pandemic allows, they’ve got their sites set on the likes of the legendary Austrian track, the Red Bull Ring, and many more after that. Maybe leave a comment below and let them know which other tracks you fancy them ripping apart?

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