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An Amazing Response by Jeremy Clarkson (Sort of) to his BBC Firing

The internet really has given the world a chance to find some of the more talented and fanatical people to showcase their talents. With the Jeremy Clarkson fiasco last year, this was a great chance for Jond Harvey to show off his library of Top Gear knowledge and editing skills to produce a hypothetical response by Clarkson to the BBC.

Here’s a transcript of the video for those who can’t turn up their volume to listen:

You may have heard the news last week that a producer was attacked.

So I am a violent stupid idiot and aggressive as well.

i just don’t know the parameters of reasonable common sense

but the biggest problem with this *beep* is that I couldn’t wait to punch a producer in the face.

and now i have.

now this caused one hell of a row in the office

because this ruined top gear

BBC has  . . loved this . . . they said sales won’t be affected.

Hammond: um really? . .what they’re actually saying is that most of our target audience is daft, old and won’t notice!

And on that bombshell

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

cReddit: Grzzzly & Twitter @jondharvey

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