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Grand Tour Chemistry 101: The 60 Minutes Interview the BBC Should Watch Again

When the boys left Top Gear last year, the simple minded executives at the BBC thought that it was going to be easy to replace Clarkson, Hammond and May. Much like how you change the light bulbs in a room – flip the switch and let the light shine.

As we all know after watching the first 6 episodes of the new Top Gear with Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, chemistry is everything and after watching this 60 minutes segment from 2010 again, I hope this tears into those BBC execs like tabasco sauce in a fresh wound.

This is really one of the best interviews I’ve seen of the boys and it shows how much they truly care for each other. It’s also one of the few times where the fourth musketeer, Andy Wilman, Clarkson’s childhood friend and executive producer has been interviewed and asked for his opinion for the show.

“It’s a journey into a male bond which i believe is a really a potentially a really funny place” – Andy Wilman

“Soul. Definitely the soul. There’s something about this thing that’s talking to me.” – Jeremy Clarkson

“3 middle aged-ish men exploring their passion for cars and how cars matter to other people.” – Richard Hammond

“The Chemistry that exists between Richard, James and I has rather taken over. Now you can’t really engineer chemistry. That just happened. We really genuinely loath each other (smiling).” – Jeremy Clarkson

What were your favorite parts of the interview? Did you learn something new about the boys you didn’t know before?

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