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Jeremy Clarkson Takes Yet Another Swipe At Top Gear And Hosts

The great Jeremy Clarkson isn’t one to beat around the bush, is he? He isn’t afraid to tell us exactly what he thinks about the government, or certain cars, and he certainly isn’t afraid to tell us what he thinks about the new Top Gear.

He’s taken swipes at the rebooted car show in the past, and he’s yet to stop, taking to Twitter yet again to make sure everyone knows who’s boss.

The Radio Times tweeted the following:

Clarkson isn’t one to stay quiet, so quickly replied simply saying “me”.

As you can see from above, this one word received over 13,000 likes and over 500 retweets from fans who agreed that Clarkson was indeed the best presenter on Top Gear.

But where do you think he comes in the long list of presenters? Let us know down in the comments and we’ll take a tally!


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  1. I voted Clarkson, no contest! But in the Philippines I did watch Top Gear USA and those 3 guys had real chemistry too and were bloody hilarious; Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood. Highly recommended

  2. Clarkson Hammond and captain slow will never be beaten.i think the bbc would be better to bring them back

  3. The BBC will & always will think they are the boss & know what’s best for the British public airwaves, but the top & bottom of it is there will always be certain people in life who know their stuff, from years of experience & research & I’m sorry to say but Clarkson has been a motor journalist since year dot, from the very beginning on Top Gear with Tiff & Quentin, they know that as well as we all do but they just won’t accept it…. SIMPLES..!

  4. Paddy McGuiness and Freddie don’t know anything about cars.Bring back jezza Hammond and may

  5. While even clarkson started at the bottom, I don’t think there is a trio out there that could ever beat the dynamic of C,M & H!

  6. Need I say more Clarkson Hammond and May. The new so called Top Gear with what his face and the cricketer bloke and some nobody. Another nail in Top Gear coffin

  7. I liked Top Gear when it was about cars. The daft challenges and the amounts being spent just make it a farce. Fifth Gear much better

  8. Top Gear without Jezza, Hamster and Capt Slow is nothing more than the boring days of the 80’s Top Gear.
    5th Gear tried and failed the all new Top Gear failed, Grand tour is near but not the same, what’s missing in TG is the chemistry and that is something you cannot buy.

  9. The current series just seems like the 2 northerners bullying the other fellow. I did find Clarkson and co. entertaining.

  10. There is no top gear without Hammond, may and Clarkson! I watch one episode without them and my god never again it’s not right they are the defining factor of top gear no one will ever come close to filling there shoes. #enoughsenough # getthemback

  11. C,M andH ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Its like… see, michael jackson, he died, now we have justin bieber, asking who is king of pop… or say… top gear, there was clarkson, he got suspended, now somebody else asked, who is top gear?!?!?!
    Its like asking am i Jeremy Clarkson???

  13. Clarkson , Hammond & May , made the show what it is , the biggest car show in the world . Definately the best , which is why the BBC are trying to replicate them and failing miserably

  14. Clarkson. By a mile.
    May and Hammond are in the dream team because the dynamic with Jeremy works.

    After that, Quentin Wilson and Tiff Needell. I was surprisingly impressed with Matt Le Blanc, although he had an awful supporting cast and the format didn’t work (trying play play personas to replicate Clarkson, May and Hammond) – he knew his stuff, had an easy way with interviews and can seriously drive.

    After them comes a parade of people who no one cares about.

  15. Without Clarkson, Hammond and May the BBC are fooling themselves thinking Top Gear hasn’t died. It has and all those presenters who think they can even dream to be anywhere as good are fooling themselves. RIP Top Gear

  16. Clarke well the best TopGear presenter of all time, OBVIOUSLY!!!
    No competition… He’s the original & best by far.
    U either love him or hate him & I’m in the love camp.

  17. Jeremy, may and Richard are top gear. They should of had the rights to the name if you ask me

  18. Quentin Wilson and Noel Edmunds!!
    Clarkson May & Hammond were really good to start with but ever since the Convertible People Carrier show, their maturity has dropped so much they are boarder-line imbeciles….They think because of who they are, they can do what they want, when they want and wherever they are by just saying “sorry”!! Bullsnot I’ve lost all respect of them….

    Ps. I still watch the old shows on Dave ……. And The Grand Tour on Amazon (even paying to watch them now) LOL

    1. That doesn’t make sense. If you think they’re border-line imbeciles, why pay to watch?

      Just curious…

    1. I was in a pub last week in Winchester England. They were all discussing the upcoming election. Being from the states I stated that I would vote for Clarkson if I was English. Immediately there was cheers and raised pints. It was unanimous.

  19. Clarkson … May and Hammond are easily the best ever on top gear … All the others are a joke … Just trying to be as good as these three… No one else even come close to the chemistry needed to make the door good again …

  20. I can’t say, I stopped watching anything on bbc when they fired Jeremy Clarkson. It was a stupid move you don’t shoot the horse when your crossing the river.

  21. How is that a swipe at the New top gear?…
    A swipe would be to say that Chris Harris must be devastated to have to work with two of the worst mistakes the idiots at the BBC have ever employed… What an abysmal choice…
    Embarrassing to watch.

  22. This isn’t even a contest. Clarkson, Hammomd and May. We’re the be all end all of that show. Everyone else is just pretending.

  23. Steve Berry!
    For being the token biker when no-one gave a monkeys.
    Talk about a complete misfit!

  24. One of the best 3 presenters of any car show, the other 2 are Hammond and May

    1. BBC made a big mistake when they fired Jeremy so glad Amazon picked up the show Jeremy,Richard,and James exciting and at times very funny can’t wait for the next season I have my popcorn bowl ready.

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