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Richard Hammond’s Wife Reveals She Limited His Time With Daughters After Crash

Mindy Hammond, wife of Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond, has opened up about what it was like to hear that her husband was involved in his death-defying crash in 2006. Hammond was driving the Vampire drag car, propelled by a rocket booster, when a front tyre gave out pushing the car across the Top Gear test track. This resulted in it flipping, and the presenter suffering from brain damage.

Mindy admitted that her husband’s behavior changed after the “brain injuries”, adding that she didn’t know what to expect after the incident, but was heartbroken when Richard didn’t recognise her as he laid in his hospital bed after the crash. On top of this, she soon realised that he couldn’t remember anything for more than “10 seconds”.

“No, you’re not my wife, my wife is French,” Richard told Mindy after she’d told him she was his wife.

She also recalled a story of her having to take their daughters out of the room because he was starting to get angry:

Alex Harrington

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