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Richard Hammond’s Aeromax Will Be Buried With An Australian In It

Richard Hammond is a bit upset because the Morgan Aeromax he sold to an Australian, has decided to use the car as a coffin when he dies. Hammond loved the iconic limited edition hardtop version that was powered by a 4.4L BMW V8 engine. Only 100 units of the Aeromax were ever made.

In a video on Drivetribe, Hammond answers some frequently answered questions. The point about the Aeromax came up when Hammond was listing cars that he regrets selling. Hammond said he adored his Aeromax and didn’t want to sell it.

Being brutally honest, Hammond reveals that his wife Mindy hated the Aeromax to the point that she couldn’t bear the sight of it. Eventually, he sold the car to a dealer who then sold it to a ‘chap’ in Australia. Obviously, the new owner was very, very pleased with the car.

Hammond has been in touch with the owner since, who is none other than millionaire Philip Allen, in the hope that he could buy the Aeromax back someday. Unfortunately, Hammond’s hopes have been put to dust after knowing that Philip obtained special permission to be buried in the Aeromax when he dies.

Hammond claims it was his Morgan since it still has a plate on the rails alongside the engine that reads ‘Made For Richard Hammond’. But now, he can’t have it back even if he wants to because, at some point in time, it will have Allen’s corpse in it. He was quoted saying:

“I had thought one day I might try and see if I could seek it out get back in touch with the guy and maybe buy it back. Obviously, I won’t want to buy it back because it’ll have his corpse in it which one of the nicer things about the car was the interior but a mouldering Australian is not going to render it any nicer is it so sadly that is one car that is very very much and forever out of my life”

If you thought being rich could get you any car you wanted, wait until you read the list of cars that Hammond regrets not buying!

However, being rich can get you a limited edition V8 Aeromax coffin for £143,000, which Allen paid in 2014. Sadly for Hammond, he won’t even be able to see ‘his car’ if Allen passes away, leaving aside the grief of not being able to own it again.

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