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Top Gear Africa Special Cars Found By Die Hard Fan

Fans have found the cars that were used in the Top Gear Africa Special, and have shared the find to social media.

The Top Gear Africa special is a two-part episode of the popular British motoring show, which aired in 2013 and featured presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. The episode saw the trio travel through several countries in Africa, including Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, in a Subaru Impreza WRX, a Volvo 850R, and a BMW 528i Touring. The episode was known for its comedic and lighthearted tone, as well as the spectacular scenery and diverse landscapes featured throughout the journey.

Taking to social media, a Reddit user ‘Background_Advance77’ posted the photos of the Volvo 850R as well as the Ford Scorpio which was the back up car.

‘Background_Advance77’ explained along with the photos all of the background research that they have done on the cars. They wrote:

“After conducting my own research I was able to get in contact with one of the employees who worked for the filming company which helped the BBC crew film the special. After some time, the employee was able to direct me to one of the members of the filming crew who is a mechanic who knew the whereabouts of the cars.

“The Mechanic is unsure of the state of the Subaru, he says it may have been scrapped for parts or it still may be intact and sitting somewhere(He is checking with someone else who is currently looking into it).

“The Volvo can be found and requires a repaint and interior refurbishment. The engine runs fine and it seems like the snapped rear wheel has been repaired based on the pictures I have. The Ford Backup car has been pulled out from the water and requires interior refurbishment and various electrical repairs.

“The BMW can also be found but it is in another town and requires body repairs (Will update everyone once I am able to get more information and pictures of the BMW). It seems like the cars can be purchased if the offer is high enough. it also seems like all the interiors have been stripped and the various bedding and shelves have been removed. It also seems like the mix-and-match body panels have also been replaced with OEM panels. Will update everyone on the status of the Subaru and BMW once I get more information.”

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