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Top Gear Fan Causes Uproar Calling For Show To Be Cancelled After Freddie Flintoff Crash

Top Gear fan calls for change after Freddie Flintoff’s horror crash that resulted in him being airlifted to hospital.

There have been no further announcements yet over what has happened and how Flintoff is doing, however the BBC have said that his injuries are “not life threatening”. Since the news of the incident was released, some fans have been posting to social media to say the show should be cancelled for being too dangerous.

The fan wrote on Twitter:

@BBC_TopGear. It’s about time that @BBCOne stopped producing this crazy programme. It has not been about owning a car for years, it is simply a stupid stunt show. First Hammond’s crash & now another accident with Freddie Flintoff being hurt. Someone will get killed at some point.”

We posted the question to Instagram over whether other fans felt the same, it is safe to say they did not agree.


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One fan wrote:

“That is absurd. Hammond crashed and nearly died on several occasions, but nobody had issues with it. Now a bunch of snowflakes want to cancel something which is not even remotely related to them…”

Another fan highlighted how long the show has been going with only a few crashes. They commented:

“3 major crashes in 20 odd years of running? I’d say they’ve done alright”

Someone else also disagreed saying:

“There’s always a risk of occupational hazards in every profession… Carry on, as you were.. “

Another fan referred back to early Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. They wrote:

“Back in Jezza’s time they would park a VW Golf under a 2000 kV Tesla coil and strike the car with a lightning while Richard sitting on the driver seat. That would be called just a “harmless test”. I seriously think people exaggerate the concept of danger these times.”

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