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Robotaxis Used For Adult Encounters As Driverless Cars Pick Up Pace

If you thought you’d had enough internet for today, you’re wrong. Yes, it has been happening for a while in the US of A with Cruise Robotaxi customers having full-blown ‘adult encounters’ inside the driverless cars while they were riding to their destination. Oh, matron!

According to the San Francisco Standard, several clients of the self-driving taxi startup Cruise Robotaxi have described their encounters in autonomous driving cars that have become popular for many reasons.

A man called Alex (name changed) who is in his thirties told the publication that he had indulged in at least six separate acts in the course of three different rides in a Cruise car. Calling himself a trailblazer, he described his taxi adventure:

“It was really funny because [the Cruise] got quite hot and fogged up to the point that the windshield was completely fogged over — in any other context, in any other vehicle, that would be an actual problem.

“I mean, there’s no one to tell you, ‘You can’t do that.’

“It gets to the point where you’re more and more and more comfortable, and if you’re with someone, like a more serious partner, it can escalate to other activities.

“It seems like I’m a trailblazer.

“It’s also fun to realize that this is like the first place you can do this in the country — the first [autonomous vehicles] that exist. “

To keep it fair, Alex’s partner Megan, a lady in her 20s who got into the car wearing nothing but her kimono, also got to describe her side of the receiving end. Or giving end. Whatever. She said:

“We got in and just got straight to it, making out.

“One thing led to another, and he made sure that I was taken care of, if you will.

“I was like, ‘I have no underwear on, and I am ready to go in this kimono.’

“And I was using his slippers that were like five sizes too big.

Until last week, the Robotaxis were allowed to run from 10 pm to 5 am in the northwest side of the city but now, they’re allowed to run across the entire city 24/7. A spokesperson from Cruise gave out a usual scripted statement that they’d take appropriate action against anyone who violated their community guidelines and Terms of Service. However, they fail to clarify if this is actually allowed in their Robotaxis or not.

The company also claimed that the cameras inside the cars are activated in case of a mishap, for ‘support purposes’ or for vehicle maintenance. Luckily for the passengers, they’re informed in advance if the cameras inside the cabin need to be activated.

Funnily, on its official website, Cruise states:

“We record video inside of the car for added safety and support. If something happened during your ride, we might review the recording to better understand what happened. We only record audio during active support calls.”

That means they do have recordings of each ride stored somewhere for later use in case something came up. Interesting.

The publication reports at least four people have indulged in acts of this nature while using Cruise Robotaxis in recent months. Surprisingly though, these adventures have not been reported on Cruise’s rival company Waymo. Don’t give them any ideas!

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