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2,000HP Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Sets Record Breaking 7-Second Quarter-Mile | Watch

If you’re going to pick up a supercar destined for drag racing, you’d be safe with one of the all-wheel-drive specimens from Lamborghini. Their grip is unfathomable in a straight line, and while this sometimes leads to understeer on a track, there ain’t no corners on the quarter-mile. Armed with a 5.2-litre V10 and a dual-clutch automatic gearbox, the Huracan is at the top of the list for many. Add on a pair of turbos like AMS Performance did to theirs, and you’ll find 2,000 horsepower at the rear wheels.

DragTimes was present at the annual TX2K drag event at Houston Raceway Park last March and was able to get up close and personal with this powerful Lambo. They first meet it on a dyno, where it pulls 2060 horsepower and 1279 lb-ft of juicy torque at the wheels. It manages to pull off a record-breaking quarter-mile time of 7.4 seconds at 189mph. 0-60mph was recorded at a simply astonishing 1.4 seconds when factoring in a 1-foot rollout.

And people say electric cars are the quickest…

So AMS stand at the top of the pyramid, but with Huracans so popular in the scene, how long will it stay there?

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