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Watch A V12 Lamborghini LM002 Rip Through Thick Snow In Brilliant Video

Before the Urus, Lamborghini’s claim to SUV fame wasn’t something that was destined for the roads of Chelsea. It actually came in the shape of the LM002, which, like the obvious American comparison, was designed for military use. Unfortunately it never quite reached that target, but it’s still a legendary car from the marque, featuring a V12 from the celebrated Countach, a manual gearbox, and tyres big enough to get you out of the toughest of spots.

They are, as you’d expect, incredibly rare, so it’s not often you see one ripping up snow, especially in a video like this.

The was created by the Kidston Productions YouTube channel, and with a hint of Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana, the video shows an LM002 throwing itself off of a tarmacked road and into the snow of Switzerland and over a mounted pass. Not only do we get to see it sideways, throwing snow over the camera, but you get that sweet V12 soundtrack that would make anybody’s Friday. The owner of this LM must be brave considering the car’s value, but without even taking that into account, it’s reported that tyres on this car cost upwards of $20,000 for the set. As you’d expect, 444 horsepower being used in such a way may warrant a new set sooner rather than later.

More mini-movies like this, please!

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