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2500HP and 4000lbs of Torque- This Ram is a Monster

A few days ago, our favourite drag race video channel, 1320videos, spotted something amazing at the track. With over 2500hp and just shy of 4000lbs of torque, this Ram truck is something else.

When initially looking at it, you probably don’t think much of it. Just a blue Cummins diesel. But get closer and you’ll notice something odd. The driver position is located dead center, there is no tailgate, no bed, and it’s running on racing slicks. Thanks to the guys at DNR Customs, this Ram is absolutely insane.

Running a Freedom Racing engine with a Hamilton solid block, the engine comes in at just over seven liters. Add on three massive turbos and you can see why it puts out so much horsepower.

All of these numbers add up to one thing. An overall victory at the Ultimate Callout Challenge in Indianapolis Indiana.

Tell us what you think about these numbers and what you think next year might bring for DNR Customs.  Because clearly they are going to step their game up from this!

James Smith

Im a huge car enthusiast, Ive been watching Top Gear with Clarkson, Hammond and May since 2007. I currently live in Minnesota with my Fiancee and Family. I enjoy riding my Kawasaki Z800 and hiking around state parks.

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