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3,500HP Camaro Sticks Landing After Going Airborne During Drag Race

When you step into a car, you subconsciously acknowledge that you’re going to be in a certain amount of danger. For every day road users, this danger is minimal, but for a racing driver, it’s much higher. Racing drivers do it for the love, and the danger is therefore worth it, and the likelihood of being injured is still low with today’s safety technology. But what happens when it does go bad?

The video below shows Tim Slavens driving his 3,500 horsepower ’69 Chevrolet Camaro at the Georgia Motorsports Park’s Lights Out 12 drag racing event last Wednesday. It’s armed with a pair of 102mm turbochargers, and enough power to send it into the air. That’s exactly what happened as he starts accelerating down the strip.

The car lunges into the air mere moments before Slavens pops the chute. The car completely loses traction with the floor as all four wheels lift up, but thanks to the driver’s quick thinking, it returns to the ground with a lot more grace than it would have if the chute wasn’t deployed.

Thankfully, no one was injured during this bats**t moment, and Slavens has already been behind the wheel of the same car for more racing. Unfortunately in this race, he crossed the centre line, losing the race. But hey, at least he didn’t lose anything else. Except for maybe his lunch?

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