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This Is What Happens When You Wash Your Car In -40 Degrees Weather

I love washing my car. I literally put myself through university by washing and polishing cars, so I hold the act of doing it very close to my heart. It enables you to really take in the design of the car you’re washing, and there’s nothing more satisfying than finishing it, stepping back, and taking in your hard work.

But I never washed a car at -40 degrees… and when I saw the thumbnail to this video, I knew I had to show you guys. The video is from the YouTube channel Garage 54 which we’ve featured a number of times on this site. These car enthusiasts are like many of us, they want to experiment with cars to see what happens, but Garage 54 actually do it, sacrificing their time and money to show us what really happens.

so, what happens when you wash your car, using snowfoam, in very cold temperatures? Watch the video below to find out.

As you can see from the video, as soon as the pink foam touches the car, it freezes. They build up the later of snowfoam and eventually, the Hummer H2 they’re using for this experiment is looking slightly chunkier than usual. It’s utterly brilliant.

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