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40 Arrested In Massive Atlanta Street Racing Sting

Just one week after Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms, was considering a designated spot in Atlanta for legal street racing, a swooping police operation netted 44 charges in relation to donuts and mayhem on midtown streets.

With 40 arrests and 4 other charges, in total they wrote 114 citations and 29 cars were impounded. Most of the charges had to do with drugs and alcohol at the Spring st. epicenter of the illegal donut and drag area. On top of that four guns were “recovered,” in at least one instance- from a felon.

This was a massive operation involving local police, state patrol, the corrections department, and the sheriff’s offices of both Fulton and Clayton counties.

The Atlanta police spokesperson said,” We know they’re bored, the streets are less crowded and so you have a kind of perfect storm for this nonsense.” Referencing the rise in street racing and mayhem over Covid lockdown.

If you’re not from around Atlanta, and you think “mayhem” may not be the right word to describe it… check out this footage from early May. In it you can see gangs of people commandeering the interstate-tunnel running under the airport runways.

This wild turn of events in Atlanta is a whole 360° from where we were a month ago. Briefly, the city was going to do with street-racing what northwestern cities have done with hard drugs; just turn the other cheek.

Now, they reveal it was all a tease, and round up as many people in a weekend as they can. Either way, it makes for some exciting clips!

P.S. Does anyone else get a kick out of the citation being called “laying drag?”



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