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Nissan GT-R50 By ItalDesign Officially Revealed At Tazio Nuvolari Circuit

After its official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show was cancelled earlier this year, the people over at Italdesign decided to give their beautiful Nissan GT-R50 collaboration a fitting launch. They took it to the Nuvolari Circuit, where their cars are tested, and set up a socially-distanced online debut.

The limited run of 50 Japanese-Italian GT-Rs are meant to celebrate every year of GT-R history. Each one comes individually customized to represent one of those years, based on the whims of each customer, like a “tailor-made suit.”

Continuing on the 50-year motiff, each Italdesign GT-R50 comes with an impressive 50% performance increase over the R35 when it was launched. The Nismo-tuned 3.8L V6 engines in these commemorative cars will come with 720 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque.

These improved specs and exclusive runs don’t come cheap, in fact, the cars have a price tag of €990,000 or $1.08 million. That’s five times the cost of a standard GT-R.

With their unique standout features, some of these cars are sure to become individually know. Spotting one in the wild will be such a rare occurrence otherwise, that seeing one of the especially well selected models will be like trainspotting.

Aided by the large year number emblazoned above the rear wheels, these beauties will be hunted down at car shows around the world if they aren’t hidden away from public gaze.


I for one, love the murdered-out example, as well as the green-grey one gracing the background of the reveal.

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