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A Forza Horizon 5 Demo Won’t Be Coming For The First Time Ever

In a disappointing turn for the Playground Games Forza Horizon 5, it turns out that a demo won’t be coming for the first time in Horizon history. 

All of its predecessors, Forza Horizon 3 and 4, plus Motorsport 7, got demos so their excited fans could get a brief look at what was to come in the full game. It also allowed potential players to see if their rigs could handle the game before they actually sunk money into it. Unfortunately, such a thing won’t be coming this time.

So what’s different between this and the previous games? Well, this time the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass, a service that was released last year at a beta level. It is now fully released on Xbox and PC, and has a good amount of subscribers. 

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Horizon 5 will be available on Game Pass, so we’d expect not releasing a demo is a ploy to get people to sign up to the $1 trial offer on the subscription service.

There could be other reasons, like the effects of the pandemic, but this is likely the answer. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait too much longer to get the full game. 

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