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Jeremy Clarkson Unveils New Equipment For Clarkson’s Farm As Season 2 Edges Closer

Jeremy Clarkson and his trusty team have been hard at work farming for season 2 of the popular Clarkson’s Farm Amazon Prime Video series. Now, in a recent video, he’s shown us something he’s been working on: a new piece of machinery he’s calling the “titivater”.

“What is it called?” Jeremy’s partner Lisa asks.

“Titivater”, Jeremy answers simply.

“No, it’s not,” Lisa replies in an annoyed tone.

“It is!” The Grand Tour presenter responds yet again. “Well that’s what I call it.

“It titivates the soil. It doesn’t cultivate the soil, that’s too rough.

“Greta Thunberg doesn’t like it – ‘I’m a keen environmentalist’ he said turning off his 4.4-litre twin-turbo diesel engine,” he jokes.

The next shot shows Jeremy in his now-famous Lamborghini tractor with the new piece of equipment attached to the rear of the vehicle.

We’re looking forward to watching it be used by the ex-Top Gear presenter in the second series of Clarkson’s Farm which will likely return at the same time of year the first series aired – June-time.

We can’t wait to watch, especially after a recent tour of the farm by the man himself.

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