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All-Female Fast & Furious Spinoff Script Has Been Confirmed

With the tenth instalment of the Fast and Furious edging closing to its release, it’s been confirmed that an all-female F&F is on its way soon, too. There have also been rumours that F9 is going to be a two-parter, but that’s nowhere near being confirmed. A second Hobbs and Shaw film is also on the way, so surely there isn’t time for yet another idea?

Nope, Vin Diesel himself has confirmed that the all-female story is in the works with the script coming next month. “We will see,” he says tentatively.

He confirms that the script is being produced at around 5:22 in the video above.

Movies have been targetting a female audience in order to improve a gender-neutral balance for some time now, but several films targetting this have tanked thanks to poor writing such as the Ghostbusters remake and Ocean’s 8. Even Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey didn’t do that well and that’s got some serious talent in it.


It seems as though the current female cast is up for the idea, with Michelle Rodriguez saying in the interview, “all the power pieces would need to be in place. See what Charlize [Theron] is doing? We’d be like, ‘Can we talk you into being a good girl?’ She’s so bad in this, right? She’s so mean. I love her, though”. Nathalie Emannuel also fancies a bit of the action, saying, “I think it should be like a badass girl movie. It’d be cool to have a sort of Charlie’s Angels-type vibe but with, like, all women. I think that’s kind of fun”.

There’s certainly no shortage of female stars that could come on board, and maybe even some return from the dead like Han – we’re looking at you, Gal Gadot.

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