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F1 Las Vegas GP Marred by Oil Spill on Track: Drivers Demand Fairer Conditions

In the recent Las Vegas Grand Prix, Formula 1 drivers faced an unexpected challenge as oil leaked onto the track, leading to an “unfair” race start. This incident has sparked demands for a solution from the FIA to prevent similar issues in future races.

Key Takeaways:

  • During the Las Vegas Grand Prix, vintage cars used in the pre-race parade leaked oil onto the track, particularly on the side closest to the pit wall. This resulted in slippery conditions affecting the race start.
  • Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Alpine’s Pierre Gasly were among the drivers who voiced their concerns, citing the uneven and hazardous conditions that disadvantaged some drivers at the start of the race.
  • George Russell, Director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, acknowledged the recurring issue of historical cars dropping oil and expressed confidence in the FIA’s ability to address the problem effectively.

In a dramatic turn of events at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Formula 1 drivers were confronted with a slippery and potentially dangerous start to the race. The root of the problem? An oil spill on the track, a consequence of the traditional parade lap featuring vintage cars. This unexpected twist not only affected the drivers’ performance but also raised questions about fairness and safety in F1 racing.

The incident occurred 90 minutes before the race start, with classic cars carrying Oscar Piastri and Lewis Hamilton leaking oil onto the grid. Despite the marshals’ quick response in spreading cement dust to absorb the oil, the issue lingered, affecting the start of the race.

Carlos Sainz of Ferrari highlighted the severity of the situation. He stated, “I saw a lot of oil from the cars that we used to do the drivers’ parade, which is another thing for the FIA to look at. It is not fair that all the oil was on the inside line. Apart from the dirty track already being there, we put cars on that are leaking oil on the track an hour before the race. Again, this is unacceptable. That probably cost us with the crashes into Turn 1.”

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly, who finished P11, echoed Sainz’s sentiments. He remarked, “It wasn’t nice, especially lining up on the best spot of the year for us [in fourth]. I’ve discussed it already with FIA, and I’m sure we’ll change a few things, because it doesn’t feel really fair that some guy’s got to start on oil and some others have clear Tarmac. I’m sure they’ll fix it.”

George Russell, the Director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association and a starter from P3, also commented on the issue. He said, “It’s not the first time we’ve seen these historical cars dropping oil. It was pretty shocking to see how bad it was. But they did a good job to clear it up for the race.”

This incident has brought to light the need for stricter measures to ensure the safety and fairness of the race track, particularly when traditions like the parade lap could inadvertently compromise these conditions. The FIA is expected to review the situation and implement necessary changes to prevent similar occurrences in the future, maintaining the integrity of the sport and the safety of its participants.

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