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BMW Causes Huge Crash While Dangerously Weaving In And Out Of Traffic

A video of two cars weaving through traffic in New York has just surfaced, with one of the cars, a BMW, causing an accident soon after.

The YouTube video, initially reportedly being taken from an Instagram Live stream, comes from a passenger of the second car closely following the speeding BMW as they cut back and forth between traffic, getting dangerously close to other cars and generally driving like lunatics. They’d find out very quickly that they are not invincible. The occupants of the second car can even be heard wooing as they squeeze between two tightly packed cars.

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They continue to act like idiots until the BMW runs out of talent trying to squeeze between a Scion xB and an SUV. It sideswipes the car and thankfully pulls over due to the damage. The car that’s filming continues but the filming ends abruptly.

We haven’t heard of any repercussions for either the BMW or the car filming, but will be keeping a lookout in the coming weeks.  How would you react to their disastrous driving? I’m thinking a driving ban would be the call of the day, and a large fine? Oh, and the scrapping of their beloved BMW.

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