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Angry Farmer Covers Mercedes In Slurry After Parking On Land

The lockdown seems to be lifting in the UK, for better or worse, and as a result the beaches and coastlines of the country are being flooded by sun seekers. Due to the world and his wife wanting to hit the beach, parking has proven to be a bit of an issue – especially in the rural areas of the UK where there is nothing but small country roads and, of course, farmers fields.

A prime example of this, would be this video which sees the driver of a Mercedes-Benz C Class take the cheeky opportunity to avoid any potential parking woes and sets their Merc down in a farmers field. Sadly for the car owner, the farmer saw this and wasn’t too happy to say the least. The farmer starts off by showing his distain for not only everyone going to the beach, but also to the Mercedes for parking in his field:

“The beach is nice and busy today – everyone social distancing I suppose. That busy, they’ve decided to park in the field.”

It would appear that the farmers child is also in the tractor and as the tractor approaches the Mercedes, the child asks the farmer what he plans on doing:

“They could see I was spraying slurry. I’m nearly finished mate and I’m not stopping.”

For the uninitiated, spreading slurry (as you can most probably gather from the video), is the process of spreading animal waste onto crops to aid their growth. Slurry is rich in nitrogen and helps crops grow without requiring costly fertilisers.

Just before he drives past the Mercedes, the farmer exclaims:

“I hope you have as much fun washing your car as I’m going to have painting it for you.”

And then he proceeds to coat the Mercedes in a whole load of animal waste. Given the hot day and the fact the owners are probably relaxing on the beach for a few more hours means that it will have most likely dried into a nice crust by the time they discover it.

It certainly gave us a good laugh, and if we’re honest, we’re on the side of the farmer here. If you’re going to take one thing away from this, don’t wind up the farmers. You can see the full video here:

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