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Audi S4 Embarrasses Bugatti Chiron In Rolling Race: Sleeper VS Goliath

If you were to race a Bugatti Chiron, what car would you use? Maybe something like a Koenigsegg as they hold the top speed record. Or maybe the Hennessey Venom F5? I don’t think an Audi S4 would ever come to mind when contemplating this scenario, but take a look at the video below and you might change your mind.

This Audi S4 B5 is very obviously far from stock with horsepower figures reaching that of 1,300. Not quite the stock level of 260hp, is it? This ultimate sleeper can be seen taking part in the event held in Germany held called SCC 500 Rolling 50 1000. It’s a 1km rolling race with a starting speed of 50kmh, and while you’d think the Chiron would still walk the Audi sleeper – and it did on the first run – the Audi recorded a top speed of  335kmh over the Bugatti’s 328kmh recorded on a different run.

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This is a keen lesson in power to weight ratios as the Audi clearly has the shallower footprint here, despite the Chiron having almost 200 more horses to its advantage.

But you still have to remember that the Chiron does it with elegance, smoothness, and a warranty. The Audi… maybe not so much.

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