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Go Kart Flies Over Opposition: Is This The Best Overtake Ever?

Kids on karts have to be some of the craziest and most balls-to-the-wall racers I’ve ever seen. No wonder these are the guys who go on to become some of the fastest drivers in the world.

The start of this week saw a video on Twitter blow up due to just how crazy these races can become. I’ll link the Tweet below so you can see what I’m talking about.

The video was shot at a round of the ECKC Eastern Canadian Karting Championship in Ontario last week. The driver who ended up flying over the kart in front of him ended up in the air due to having his wheel clipped by someone. But the resulting stunt has to now be regarded as possibly one of the best overtakes to ever be witnessed in the world of racing.

Unfortunately for the guy behind the wheel of the air-prone kart, he wasn’t able to hold onto his position for too long. But do we blame him? I’m sure he was just pleased he didn’t end up underneath a fast moving machine or face first into a wall.

It would be at this point I would have pulled off the track, got out and retired, knowing that what had just happened would never be beaten. Kudos to all the drivers. Absolute daredevils!

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