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Lance Stroll Commits to Aston Martin for the Next Formula 1 Season Despite Challenging Year

Despite a Tough Season and Teammate's Strong Performance, Lance Stroll Remains Loyal to Aston Martin for the Upcoming F1 Season

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll, despite enduring a challenging season with the Silverstone-based team this year, has made it clear that he’s committed to racing with the team in the upcoming season.

Throughout this season, Stroll faced considerable difficulties in securing points, and his lackluster performances often stood in stark contrast to his teammate Fernando Alonso’s impressive displays, which significantly contributed to the team’s point tally. It seemed as though the team’s position in the Constructors’ Championship heavily relied on the shoulders of the Spanish driver.

The disparity between the two drivers couldn’t be more evident, with Alonso securing eight podium finishes so far this season while Stroll has yet to make it to the top three. In fact, Stroll’s contributions accounted for only 25% of Aston Martin’s total points this year. Consequently, the team finds itself currently occupying the fifth position in the standings, a stark contrast to their brief stint in second place during the early part of the season.

Undoubtedly, the drop in their position can be partially attributed to the challenges posed by the AMR23 F1 car during the latter half of the season, which saw both drivers struggle to keep up with the competition. However, even considering these challenges, it’s clear that Stroll’s underperformance cannot be overlooked.

Speculation had been rife regarding Stroll’s potential move to the World Endurance Championship (WEC). Nevertheless, dispelling all such rumors, Stroll has affirmed his commitment to racing for his father Lawrence Stroll’s team, a decision that many believe is influenced by familial ties and the desire to shield him from criticism, despite his lackluster performances.

Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, made it clear that Stroll will be partnering with Alonso for the upcoming year. In an interview with, Stroll himself reaffirmed his commitment to race for Aston Martin next season, solidifying his determination.

“The plan is I’m staying next year.

“It’s been a challenging season at times for sure. [There’s been] some great highlights but also some really frustrating days of recent.

“But yeah, the plan is to keep going next year for sure.”

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