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Can A Motorcyclist Kick Hard Enough To Make It Crash?

In a recent news story from Los Angeles, a motorcyclist is being blamed for kicking a car so hard as to make it swerve and crash into the median, then veer off into an oncoming truck, resulting in two crashes and a minor injury on the 14 Freeway.

Is it really possible that a motorcyclist could generate enough force, while maintaining balance, to kick a car hard enough to divert a multi-ton vehicle off its course? Check the video out for yourself below:

Clearly, you should never flee the scene of an accident. That’s a serious crime and a dick-move if ever there was one. But, this looks more like the driver of the car trying to swerve into the motorcyclist in anger over getting his car kicked. That’s attempted murder folks!

No doubt, if we had the story from the motorcyclist, we would hear that the car driver pulled some dangerous maneuver earlier, earning him the kick. Could a kick from a motorcyclist cause a car to steer out of control like that? Maybe the car had super-bald tires and a trunk full of helium? At highway speeds, there is a lot of forward momentum that a kick would have to overcome in order to cause the vehicle to swerve head-on into the median.

However, the driver of the car turning the wheel and pointing them at the median… that could explain things. I’m not a physicist, but I do know a thing or two about the laws of Physics, and unless that motorcyclist was actually Clark Kent in disguise, there’s some problems with blaming this crash on a light kick to the rear fender. Bottom line, the crash was not caused by the kick, but by the driver of the car trying to ram the motorcyclist in retribution.

What do you think folks? Attempted murder or the worlds strongest kick?

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