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Check Out Dom Toretto’s Mid-Engined Dodge Charger From Fast 9

The Fast and Furious films have given us some great cars like the Flip Car from Fast and Furious 6, the iconic orange Toyota Supra from the first, and Dom’s jet-powered Dodge Charger that took part in the submarine chase. I can’t believe I just wrote that. But now we’ve seen Dom’s latest car used in Fast 9, with it again being a 1970’s Dodge Charger.

As you can see from the clip, it’s very obviously mid-engined, with a wide body allowing for a wider track and thicker tyres. On the back seats is an unknown engine, likely a V8 knowing Dom, and according to, the bodywork is made from carbon fibre.

In fact, the car is made by Speedkore, who is known for their SEMA-beating carbon fibre bodied Dodge Charger that was later featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. Speedkore’s Dave Salvaggio said the following about the Evolution Charger:

“Instead of it being kind of old hot-rod philosophy where you buy a metal car, and you cut it and bondo it, and do all these things to it; [for] this we have molds made so that every part is carbon … It doesn’t rust, it doesn’t dent,” he said. “We 3D printed a lot of things, so the air intake is 3D printed. All this was done in CAD.”

We don’t know much about the car’s performance, but knowing the film I’m sure it will have four-figure horsepower. But, like most movie cars, it’ll likely have nothing of the sort. We can’t even be sure that it’s really mid-engined. It’s possible that the the engine you can see on the backseats is simply a fake, with the usual LS engine under the bonnet instead producing around 300-400 horsepower.

I can’t actually wait to see F9, especially with the return of Sung Kang as Han. I’m very excited to see what the family gets up to, regardless of how unrealistic and silly it gets.

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