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Clarkson, Hammond and May’s Website DriveTribe Is Still Burning Through Money

Before we start this article, I want to discuss the history we’ve had with DriveTribe so there is no hidden bias. We were official publishing partners with DriveTribe for a number of months, in which we were paid to write articles which were published on the site. This contract was terminated more than a year ago and since then we have had no connection with DriveTribe whatsoever. Any article posted by us on the site since then wasn’t paid for in any way, monetarily or otherwise.

The Grand Tour’s presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have each poured millions of pounds’ worth of investment into DriveTribe, alongside businesses such as 21st Century Fox and other private investors. But after three years of activity, DriveTribe is still yet to turn a profit.

The website, described as “YouPorn but for cars” by Clarkson, is now hoping it can be bailed out by the taxman. £750,000 can be had in development and research tax credit by the end of the year followed by another £500,000 next July. But after losses of £23million over the last couple of years, it’s difficult to stay positive.

Jonathan Morris, CEO of DriveTribe is keen to disagree with what these figures are saying, however. He told the Daily Star: “As you will know with any start-up there is a ‘building’ period where the company spends investment to create a brand, product and technology.

“Then a ‘growth’ period where we focus on becoming a market leader and turning a profit. We are now in that growth period.

“Our plan is to be profitable towards the end of next year.”

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  1. I was fairly active on it from the start, but it just never grabbed me. The forum design was extremely minimal in both aesthetic and features. Threads were difficult to follow. And a large number of the posts were coming from the staff, not users.

    It always had that feeling like when you go to a theme restaurant and the entire staff is putting on a show for you because business is so slow. I eventually just lost interest.

  2. I do use the site but it seems overly complicated. It doesn’t really seem focused. Suggest they restart with 3 catagories based on the Clarkson, Hammond and May. Clarkson new and unusual, Hammond race segments and May technical related pieces. Just a thought.

  3. With the site hacked with porn feeds several times lately, Clarkson isn’t kidding about it being YouPorn!

    Still a good place for gearheads to roam……

  4. How the he’ll do they make any money from it. All it seems to be a forum for car guys to post car stuff. If there are any advert they are just a total annoyance.
    Other than easy to find videos on you tube what does it actually offer ??

  5. I believe the idea is essential sound.

    That said, the site appears very complex. To a user like myself, the structure isn’t clear and I see content one time and struggle to find it again.

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