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F1 News: Technical Analyst Delivers Damning Ferrari Verdict That Could Worry Lewis Hamilton

Craig Scarborough’s analysis of Ferrari’s SF-24 raises questions about its competitiveness and prompts concerns for Lewis Hamilton’s move.

Renowned technical analyst Craig Scarborough has scrutinized Ferrari’s SF-24, indicating potential challenges for the team to contend with rivals. His findings suggest that Ferrari may require mid-season upgrades to stay competitive, which could impact Lewis Hamilton’s prospects for success in 2025.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scarborough’s analysis suggests Ferrari’s SF-24 may need upgrades mid-season to compete effectively.
  • Concerns are raised about Ferrari’s ability to close the gap to rivals, particularly Red Bull.
  • The verdict prompts questions about Lewis Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari amid potential competitiveness issues.

Scarborough’s in-depth assessment of Ferrari’s SF-24 has highlighted areas of concern for the Italian team. While Ferrari’s radical design changes indicate ambition, Scarborough’s analysis suggests that they might not be enough to match the performance of rivals like Red Bull.

In his evaluation, Scarborough pointed out that Ferrari’s approach with the SF-24 seems reminiscent of their SF-23 from the previous year. He expressed reservations about the car’s development, stating:

“It’s a radical evolution from what they had last year, but the car they’ve produced this year looks to me like a 2023 car.”

Despite Ferrari’s progress in refining aspects such as tyre management, Scarborough remains cautious about their overall competitiveness. He noted potential shortcomings in key areas like the car’s floor and sidepod design, which could hinder performance against rivals with more aggressive development strategies.

Scarborough’s analysis has raised concerns about Ferrari’s championship-winning prospects for the upcoming season. While the SF-24 showcases advancements, Scarborough suggests that Ferrari might not have closed the gap to Red Bull sufficiently to mount a serious title challenge.

The verdict has significant implications for Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025. With uncertainties surrounding Ferrari’s competitiveness, Hamilton may face challenges in realizing his championship aspirations with the team. As the season progresses, scrutiny will remain on Ferrari’s performance and their ability to address the technical shortcomings identified by Scarborough.

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