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Driver Attempts To End Police Chase By Launching Car Off Cliff At 100MPH

A car chase between the Californian police and a Mercedes came to a horrible end when the German car was thrown off a cliff at 100mph. KSEE reports that 58-year-old David Callahan was driving recklessly in Fresno, California at 8:30 am on Monday, but reports are still trying to put the full story together.

Once the police gave chase, Callahan didn’t pull over, instead, launching his car over the San Joaquin River at 100mph before it hit the ground at a great rate. California Highway Patrol spokesperson Mike Salas told KFSN “In my 20 years, I’ve never seen a vehicle travel close to that distance.”

Unfortunately, Callahan died on impact, with California Highway Patrol Officer Matt Zulim telling KSEE that the car landed on its roof before rolling and coming to a stop. Salas explained that they “were able to find that some issues were going on at the house that may have contributed to him leaving erratically from his residence.” Authorities don’t know why he chose to take his own life, however.

Police are yet to rule out the effects of drugs and alcohol, especially as KFSN mentioned that David Callahan’s wife had called the police last year to report that David was using drugs and assaulting her.

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